About Us

Since 1951 Travellers Apparel has been tailoring high quality, innovative suiting. Our long heritage of quality, service, reliability & trust is born from an era where family and friends were paramount in business. Today they are even more important. 

We supply wardrobes to over 20,000 customers every year. In our Collingwood factory, you'll still find our innovative designers, patternmakers, machinists, tailors, quality control and customer service staff. 


  • Knowledge & experience

    Travellers' experience in corporate wardrobing is second to none in Australian manufacturing. Our extensive experience with national and international companies means we have the know how to help you fit. Our end users have included Parliament House in Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney, Melbourne Cricket Club, Qantas, Commonwealth games, Olympic Games, Westpac Banking Corporation, NAB, ANZ, Country Fire Authority, Melbourne Cricket Club, Cricket Victoria, Jetstar, Grand Hotels Group and Government House.

  • The right support

    We realise that any business requires support. And corporate wardrobes are no different. Our can-do attitude is what we are known for. With flexibility to make 1 unit or 10,000 units, we offer unique tailor made solutions to supplement offshore strength.With the ability to turn around garments within 48 hours both locally and offshore, our genuine commitment to supporting our end users enables us to compete with the best.

  • Listen & Understand

    We listen to understand. Full Stop.

    It is your brand. Your vision. Our pleasure to serve. 

  • Innovation

    With so many standard choices in the marketplace, it is only by truly differentiating your brand, product and service that you can stand out from your competition.

    We engender a strong sense of pride and loyalty in your company's brand through delivering garments that people actually look forward to wearing.

    Our unconditional fit and quality is just that - unconditional. If your staff are anywhere near as important to you as our staff are to us, they need to be happy to jump into their work environment. Wearing great clothes is just one small part of that.

  • Service & Reliability

    At the end of the day - we're here to support you. Over the years, Travellers has worked with literally hundreds of corporate customers.

    This strong heritage has taught us much & we are still learning. 

    We understand that every single corporate wardrobe has one thing in common : they are all absolutely unique.