Do we sell to the public & how much ?

Yes we do. Our ready-to-wear suiting ranges from $550 - $950 and made-to-measure starts from $1,200 - $4,500. All prices are wholesale, direct to the public and include GST. All alterations (on our suits) are free of charge. 

Please note we only carry a small range of ready-to-wear suits & premium cotton shirts.We apologise as we often run out of popular items very quickly (within a couple of weeks). We have new injections of styles and colors every couple of weeks, so you're best bet is to pop into our factory and see what is available at the time.


Alternatively you're welcome to browse through our almost 2,000 fabrics for your made-to-measure selection. Our tailored products are made right here in Collingwood.


Our hours of operation are:

8am - 4:30pm     Monday - Friday
8am - Midday     Saturdays  
We are closed Sundays & Public Holidays. 
If in doubt, please call ahead as we are a factory & have factory hours (not retail hours). 


Please note that Saturdays can be particularly busy. We highly recommend trying to get here during the week as the waiting times on Saturdays can be quite long.   


Parking :

Please note we have free on-site parking available for all customers. Your are welcome to park in our driveway when picking up or dropping in. 


Do we make women's suits?

Absolutely. Our tailored range of women's suits will complement any wardrobe. We stock a high quality selection of basics (Black, Navy & Charcoal) available off the rack. We also tailor a great deal of women's product from our vast range of fabrics available.

Our collection of women's suits & shirts has been very well received. These are fully constructed, fully fused and with proper tailored elements. Our classic silhouette is complemented by luxurious Superfine Pure Wools, which have been a particular well received article.


Extra skirts, waistcoat or pant can also be tailored according to your liking


Do we make boy’s suits?

Yes we do. Because our suits are made from the scratch, we can make whatever size you want. From a toddler to a giant. Just ask the tailors & they’ll be more than happy to measure the young fellow up.

It is always good to note that if your son is still growing, then our tailors will always allow extra length in the trouser & sleeve for them to grow into. This is something that will come in very handy at that next function they've grown into !

Should I wear French cuffs on my shirt or not?
French cuffs have made an amazing renaissance.Today guys are wearing them with jeans, casual trousers and of-course formal suits. You will see the predomincance of French cuffs in business shirts especially, however you will also see them in more casual ranges.

What sizes do we stock ?

Our off the rack options range from a size 36 to 52 regular.  We also stock from 36 short and to 46 long fitting suits for our customers. These short and long sizes are usually quite popular, so our recommendation is that if you are happy with the short or long fittings, it is always a good idea to know what is in stock - they don't last very long.

Whether you purchase off the rack, regular, long or short, our tailors will always make sure that the fit is perfected before you leave.


Can I get a second pair of pants, skirt or waistcoat for my suit?

Absolutely. If we've got the fabric available - and usually we do when you buy your suit - we can whip one up for you pretty quickly. If it's as part of a suit purchase, usually you'll be well looked after in terms of cost, just twist the tailors arm a litt.e 

Because we cycle through our range of suits at such a rapid pace, you're best bet is to grab a second pair (or skirt or waistcoat) at the time of purchase. It's usually difficult for us to source the fabric after we've run out, because many of our fabrics are custom made for our use.


Speak to the tailor in case of any queries.